Cricket kit does not merely include a bat and a ball. It involves a lot of other protecting gear such as pads, gloves, protective guards, shin guard. If you are looking out for accessories, an online store is an answer for you.

Basic clothing is not just everything; a player needs protective gear to safeguard him on the ground. It’s important to purchase right accessories to prevent any easy wear and tear.Staples in the bat:

It is necessary to see the number of seeds on your bat. If there are more grains on your bat, then it is apparent that it is made out of old wood and is susceptible to external factors. A peak of four to five grains is considered excellent. If you are planning to buy a cricket bat, check for its seeds, do not buy them if they are very grainy.

Needs for the accessories differ with the different type of player:
Various types of players need different sports stuff. A wicket keeper needs a wicket keeping gloves and pads. Their gloves are huge and less padded so that they can catch the ball quickly.

A batsman uses gloves which have a lot of padding to hold the bat in proper grip. To reduce counteraction, the field keeper uses ‘inside gloves.’

There is certain basic equipment that a cricket kit must include of:
Bat: as you know must be resolute and durable. Choose the one with fewer grains in it. If not, it is fine and may break soon. It is usually prepared out of English willow with a soft surface.

Its dimensions and measure must adhere to international criteria.
Gloves: The batsmen, as well as a wicket keeper, make use of gloves. But it differs in the look and feels. The glove of a wicket keeper is slender, less padded and larger than batsmen’s gloves so that it is exposed to catch the ball.

Ball: Ball is made up of cork with a circumference of 9 inches. White balls are used in one-day internationals, and brown balls are used in test cricket.

Leg pads or guards: Protects your knees and shin from damage when batting and wicket keeping.